Features And Care of The Devon Rex Cat

Devon rex cats, known for their bony face, athletic body, short hair and big ears, are one of the most energetic cat species. The first thing to note in the care of these cats, who like to constantly walk, jump, play mobile games, is that they should never be combed because their hair is very

Care And Features of the Chinchilla Cat

Chinchillas are usually calm and docile cats. He has a soft, melodious voice. Chinchillas, although they have a delicate and fragile appearance, are quite healthy and durable. Chinchilla cats have a beauty that will amaze him at first sight with their snow-white plumage and expressive gaze. Although they are not considered to be a completely

American Bobtail Cat And Its Characteristics

American Bobtail cats, whose behavior is compared to dogs, are very attached and docile animals to their owners. They have also become lovers of dog lovers due to the fact that they are trainable, have very good relationships with other animal breeds and people, and are very fond of walking on a leash. American Bobtail

The Type And Characteristics of The American Curl Cat

American Curl cats get their name from their curled ears. Their main difference physically from other cats is also these characteristic ears, which seem to be curled inward. As is known, the hearing abilities of cats are very developed, but American Curl cats, which have a physically different ear structure among the cat breeds, also

Care And Characteristics of the Scottish Fold Cat

Cats of the Scottish Fold breed are typically intelligent and docile. They are known for their devotion to their owners. Personality traits help them to easily adapt to new people and situations. The fact that their friendship with children is also high makes the Scottish Folds a complete house cat. They are an extremely loyal

Features And Care of the Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are also known as temple cats. Siamese cats, one of the oldest breeds of cats, were once considered sacred.Recognition of this breed begins with the fact that the King of Siam presented the British Consul General Owen Gould with a cat of this breed in 1884. Later, Siamese cats spread around the world

Features And Care of The Ragdoll Cat

The ragdoll cat can be described as a fairly new breed compared to other cat breeds. The Raggdol cat breed appeared in California in 1963. The ragdoll cat is a cat breed that has become famous in the world in a short time thanks to its sapphire blue eyes, silk-like feathers. The average life expectancy

Care And Features of the Exotic Shorthair Cat

The simplest way to physically express exotic shorthair cats is to describe them as short-haired persian cats. The only thing that makes it difficult to take care of exotics with all the facial features of an Iranian cat is that it has got rid of its feathers. It is possible to see all the standards